Create ASP.Net Web API from MS SQL in few clicks with Instant Web API

Create ASP.Net Web API from MS SQL in seconds with Instant Web API? The biggest advantage of a Restful API is that you don’t have to install anything on the client side (i.e. Your app for example). No SDKs or frameworks are needed nor required. All you have to do is to make a simple HTTP request to the target API service, let the server do the precessing for you and get the result back. Suppose for example, you wanna build a Snapchat clone app. You need for that an image/video processing library, an augmented reality toolkit and an SDK for facial feature extraction. As you may notice, this is time consuming and require a lot of work integrating all the complex libraries into you program.

At the end of the day, the best protocol is the one that makes the most sense for the organization, the types of clients that you need to support, and what you need in terms of flexibility. Most new APIs are built using REST and JSON simply because it typically consumes less bandwidth and is easier to understand both for developers implementing initial APIs as well as other developers who may write other services against it. Because it’s more easily consumed by most of today’s web browsers, REST+JSON has become the defacto technology for the majority of public APIs. However, SOAP remains a valuable protocol in some circumstances. Plus, you don’t have to look far to find die-hard fans advocating for SOAP for certain use cases.

Use Links for Relationships: Another way to show relationships between resources, without falling back on using keys in an SQL-like manner, is to embed links inside your responses. A cool thing about links is that they allow autodiscovery by clients! When the client gets the response back then it can see in the _link section what other actions it can follow from here. This is just like when you are surfing the web where you come to a page and then you can follow its links to new pages. Another nice thing is that clients will have fewer hard-coded links in their code, which will make the code more robust. If the client wants to see the customer’s orders, it can just follow the orders link to get them.

REST API from Visual Studio. Use your Visual Studio 2017 to generate initial code for Web API. Our product will automate repetitive tasks by generating entities, models and controllers to build a complete REST API. Visual Studio Unit Test: The quality of the generated code is always important. Instant Web API generate unit tests for all the tables used in the project to make sure that you get the best final version. Relational Database : The code generated includes foreign key checks for post and updates, so that will comply with data integrity. Also, it uses unique indexes to check for duplicates and in doing so avoids orphan records. Live API Documentation: Instant Web API uses Swagger UI, to provide you with interactive documentation. Live documentation allows a user to try out different method and parameters and see the request, responses in real time. Read extra details on Build and deploy your REST Web API in minutes, no code required.