Wall graffiti painted in Perth

Trying to find graffiti artists in Melbourne? Graffiti art has been around for centuries with scripture and scratchings on walls and in caves and graffiti is a term stemming from the Italian word grafficar meaning drawings and markings. Contemporary urban art commenced in New York in the 1960s and it has evolved from tagging to marvellous pieces that decorate wall spaces in a truly outstanding way. Urban art by graffiti art professionals from Blackbook Ink takes graffiti art to a whole new level and we cater for diverse requirements and specifications. We are armed with creative vision that is truly exceptional and can be unique and meaningful and we won’t disappoint.

Graffiti history cool thing to know : Byzantine mosaic decoration evinced the greatest respect for organic architectural form. The great artists of the Renaissance, on the other hand, attempted to create an illusionistic feeling for space, and the masters of the subsequent Baroque period obtained such radical effects as to seem to dissolve almost entirely the walls or ceilings. Apart from its organic relation to architecture, a second characteristic of mural painting is its broad public significance. The mural artist must conceive pictorially a social, religious, or patriotic theme on the appropriate scale in reference both to the structural exigencies of the wall and to the idea expressed.

Our artists can recreate any image on any surface (We respect other artists, so will not reproduce another artists works or style). As we constantly push ourselves with a variety of different styles to ensure our clients have a one of a kind artwork. Our professional service has been used for advertising, product launches, live events and marketing. Projects we have taken on have not only been nationwide but have also been international. Read even more info on Wall Murals Melbourne.

What are the steps involved with getting an artist to paint a surface? Please have a read through “The steps taken to paint a mural” for a full break down of our process. What are the costs involved with getting a mural painted? Price is dependent on size of area to be painted. Level of detail involved as our prices can vary from low to high detail artworks. Materials required – Amount of spray paint required for project or if another medium is required. Timeframe required and access times that can be provided for installation.

We make your vision become a reality by providing a unique graffiti artist and street art based service. Our team of artists come from various backgrounds ranging from graffiti artists, mural artists, street artists and traditional artists. So we can cater to a variety of different styles of art forms, depending on our clients requirements. Our lead artists are based in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. But we do have a team of artists to cover evert state if required. Making no mural project too big or small for us to take on. Find extra info on Perth Graffiti Artists.