Motherhood tricks with Marissa Anastasi

Motherhood blog by Marissa Anastasi: If you’re actively co-parenting with your kids’ Father, whether you’re still in a relationship or not, put each other first before the kids, because in doing so, by default the kids come first cause you’re all looking after each other. Care more about their heart than their outward actions, and prioritize your marriage. If it works for you then it’s not a bad habit. When it’s not working, change it. Find what works for your family and stick with that!

Trust Yourself. “Everyone you know will have advice and opinions about how you are raising your baby… However, you are the only real expert on your baby and what he or she may need,” says Crowley. “So when you are feeling like you want to ask an expert about something, first get quiet and in touch with your own sense of what might be going on with your little one and how you could best meet that need,” she advises. Take a Lot of Pictures. “You will never regret having too many pictures of your kids,” according to Kelly and Perren. “As your baby grows, you’ll stumble upon pictures of them (and you) and they will make your day. We’ve found that looking back on them as babies also helps to put your child’s age and stage into perspective when you are going through some rough patches. These pictures will become your most valued possessions,” they note.

Remain objective, don’t judge. Your kids are most likely not going to dress like you did when you were a teen, wear their hair like you , listen to the same music that you did and, what’s more, you will probably not like at least part of it. Your parents likely did not like the way you dressed, the way you wore your hair or your music. It is just the way the world works. Remain objective, though and don’t judge. When you start passing judgment on your kids or on their friends, you begin alienating them. Try to keep your objectivity at all times and see your kids as the individuals that they are. See a few extra info at Motherhood advices.

Watching your children develop and grow. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world but it’s certainly the most rewarding. The love you have for your children is the most intense love you’ll ever feel. I never quite realized how fulfilling becoming a Mom would be. I always knew I wanted children but I didn’t realize how much it would change my life, I don’t even remember what life was like before my daughter. She makes me smile every day watching her grow and learn. I love that I have created this little person who has such a beautiful nature and I hope that I can help her to be an even more beautiful woman.

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