Apartments for sale in Paphos

Villas for sale in Paphos? Paphos is a city on the southwest zone of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Inhabited since Neolithic times, it has several temples relating to the worshipping of goddess Aphrodite, whose mythical birthplace was at Old Paphos (Kouklia). New Paphos is the modern city that incorporates the harbor, and the ancient ruins of tombs, fortresses, theaters and villas at Paphos Archaeological Park.

We will assist you from start to finish, helping you understand the entire property selling process in Cyprus, such as legalities and taxes, appraisal, preparation, valuations, marketing and promotions, selling distribution channels, property inspections, offer and negotiations, settlements, and follow-ups. We will administer the entire selling process with upmost care and personalised service.

Why Choose Us? Paphos is unlike any other region in Cyprus. It’s as traditional as it is modern, and as authentic as it is comfortable. For decades we have lived in this tranquil part of the country and we know the villages, the high streets and everywhere in between. It’s this first-hand level of experience that allows us to offer the effective services that so many have come to trust. We know what to look for. We know where to search. We understand the differences between lifestyles and can offer advice on where our clients will find what they are looking for when buying a home. For sellers, we understand that you want to get the most from your property and that’s why we’ll carry out a valuation and offer consultancy to anyone that needs it. Read additional details at Paphos properties for sale.

Paphos is a prime base for day excursions into the western side of North Cyprus. If you’ve rented a car for the day, crossing via the west coast main road’s Limnitis-Yesilirmak border (don’t forget to bring your passport) is quick and stress-free. Head a couple of kilometers north from here to the photogenic site of Ancient Vouni, where the extensive 4th century BC ruins of a palace are scattered across a hilltop. Although archaeologists aren’t completely sure of their history, it’s thought the palace may have been Persian or Greek in origin. There are fabulous views across the sea and the countryside from here.

As we reported last Thursday, the Government’s decisions to ease the COVID-19 lockdown measures and subsidise housing loans has helped the island’s property market to show signs of recovering. But further analyses of the number of property sales in June reveal that the Government’s decisions have had a very limited effect on the overseas (foreign) segment of the market. Read even more details at