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Top personal air ionizer purifier necklace online store from Purifypal? Our health and well-being are permanently threatened by particles and disease-carrying air particles present almost EVERYWHERE. Do you want to keep these unwanted particles away from you? No more worries! You can do it by surrounding yourself with air molecules called NEGATIVE IONS. What’s the best part? You get protected regardless if you’re home, at work, or even traveling!

Decreased exposure to airborne respiratory bacteria like colds, flu, and asthmatic triggers, Improved sleep and overall mood, according to a 2012 Italian study that looked at the evidence base for the benefits of negative ions in improving mood and treating mood disorders, Relief from seasonal or chronic depression— according to a study from Columbia University, negative ions can have as much of an effect as prescribed antidepressants.

Negative ions, when in big concentration, can clean your surrounding air of mold spores, pollen, odors, cigarette smoke, dust, and other airborne particles that can be hazardous to our health. Negative ions pull away viruses, bacteria, and other disease-carrying particles invisible to the naked eye! The insurance company Norwich Union used eight NEGATIVE ION generators and found that reported headaches and sickness dropped by 78%. Discover extra details on personal air purifier.

If you’ve been looking for an air purifier, you may have noticed several that include ionizers. Ionizers are common features found in air purifiers, fans and air circulators, heaters, and swamp coolers. But what, exactly, is an ionizer—and why should you invest in a product with one? In short, ionizers emit ions—charged particles—to help an air purifier’s filters trap contaminants in your indoor environment. Many of our most popular air purifiers feature ionizers to capture particles that otherwise would be too small to filter out.

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