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Casters have many different brake options. The three most common styles of brakes are the side-lock, tech-lock, and total-lock brakes. Side-lock brakes simply tighten down on the wheel hub to cause the wheel to stop moving. Tech-lock brakes have a direct contact with the wheel and keep the wheel from moving with this friction. With both a side-lock and tech-lock, a swivel casters can move around in 360 degrees although the wheel is locked in place. A total-lock brake locks both the tread and the swivel. That means that a swivel caster will no longer be able to move around. Industries (such as medical, automotive, technology) that demand the utmost stability with carts will use total-lock brakes.

Finally, your caster wheel tread needs to match your facility. The two main types of tread are donut and flat/slightly crowned. A donut tread is better for noise, cushion, debris, and is actually at times better for ergonomics when you have the perfect amount of weight for the wheel. Flat or slightly-crowned caster wheels will handle more weight because there is less compression. Caster rigs are the metal piece that holds the wheel. This part of the casters is just as important as the caster wheel and can literally either make or break your caster.

After years of painstaking research, Zhongshan LP Hardware Co., Ltd.’s technicians have successfully developed 3 inch light screw rubber brake universal single brake caster. Continuous innovation ability is the fundamental guarantee of product quality. In essence, product performance and its quality are largely decided by its raw materials. In terms of raw materials of 3 inch light screw rubber brake universal single brake caster, they have gone through plenty of tests on their chemical components and performance. In this way, the Light duty caster, Office chair caster and Furniture hardware fittings quality is guaranteed from the source.

Varying the tread and material of your caster wheel allows you to navigate these conditions. Second, what is the weight capacity and speed of the application? The faster you move, the more weight capacity you need in your casters. The caster diameter, width, and material will all affect how much weight your caster can handle at high or low speeds. Additional factors should be evaluated to specify the exact caster needed for the application, such as: caster configuration, environment temperature, duty cycle, tread materials, and speed (wheels fitted with ball bearings will have a reduced load capacity at speeds over 3 MPH).

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