Unique regenerative potential of Stem cells

Tissue regeneration is certainly the most important feasible application of stem cell research. Currently, organs must be provided or donated by someone and transplanted, but the demand for organs far exceeds supply. Stem cells could potentially be used to grow a any type of tissue or organ if directed to differentiate in a certain way. For example, Stem cells that lie just beneath the skin have been used to engineer new skin tissue that can be grafted on to burn victims.

Stem cells have unique regenerative potential that is diminished during the normal aging process. Quantico labs is harnessing and delivering rejuvenating proteins & molecules produced by stem cells.

Quantico Labs stem cells are Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) sourced from umbilical cord blood. These cells are from safe, confident hospital sources through a non-invasive, simple and effortless process.

Doctors are supplied with a consistent concentration of cells through Quantico Labs stem cells and our products are able to be tailored towards a particular patient, allowing the treatment to be more precise and controlled.

As well as stem cell treatments with Quantico Labs, our stem cells give you permission to provide your patients with a minimally-invasive treatment option that has been termed to be effective in treating several medical conditions by current research studies.

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