Scandinavia travel attractions

Northern Europe and especially Norway is a fabulous travel destination. Iceland’s Blue Lagoon – This magnificent lake is the perfect temperature to bathe in (39C/102F) and is surrounded by black lava fields covered in green moss.The warm seawater contains minerals and is great for treating the skin, especially those with Psoriasis. This spa is open all year round and has become Iceland’s most visited attraction.The lagoon does fill up fast so it is best to book weeks in advance. You can also upgrade your general admission to receive a mud mask and massage in the water while sipping on a boozy beverage from the inbuilt water bar. It truly is an enchanting experience.

Bergen, Norway – Tucked deep among the fjords on Norway’s southern coast, Bergen looks like the quintessential Nordic fishing village, despite the fact that it’s the country’s second largest city. Colorful wooden houses, many of which have been converted to hip restaurants and shops, line the docks of Bryggen, a 12th-century wharf that was once dominated by the Hanseatic League and has since become an UNESCO World Heritage Site. See what the nets haul in daily at the storied fish market before taking in the panoramic vistas aboard the Fl?ibanen Funicular up Fl?yen Mountain. But the real reason to come here are the fjords themselves. While hikers are welcome, day cruises can take you close enough to see them without breaking a sweat. Extra details regarding if you want to discover scandinavia

Gothenburg and the west coast, Sweden – In the space of a couple of decades, Sweden’s second biggest city has reinvented itself as one of Europe’s coolest city break destinations. It’s still a big industrial hub with a busy port at its heart, but the focus is increasingly on tourism. Why should you go? For the super-fresh seafood, for the locally brewed beer and laidback bars, and for the car-free islands that lie just offshore, where you can swim in cool, clear waters.

North Cape is one of the most beautiful places in Norway. Situated in Northern Norway, it’s the northernmost point in Europe and features a 307-meter high rock. North Cape can be reached by going through an underground tunnel, which is almost 7 km long. This place is also an amazing spot for bird watching tours, sightseeing from the boats, and royal crab catching. Additionally, if you come here in the summer, you can admire the White nights.

Stockholm – Sweden’s capital, the vibrant city of Stockholm sits on a series of 14 islands. A photographer’s dream, its grand waterfront buildings contrast with a beautifully preserved old town, miles of open parkland and some impressive examples of contemporary architecture. But it’s not all about the views. Stockholm boasts some top-class museums – from the Academy of Fine Arts to the people-pleasing Abba Museum – plus plenty of palaces, where you can marvel at the lavish lifestyles of the royals. More details about lb voyage travel agency

To get away from the city noise, visit the Kamppi Chapel of Silence. The wooden walls, made from the northern fir, will ensure that no sounds will interfere the quiet inside. Chapel welcomes the representatives of different religions and not only believers but also ordinary passersby. It is important to know that there are no mas or other ceremonies, it is just a peaceful home, where you can concentrate and relax. Tourists like to visit this building for its unique design and simple but impressive environment.