Ice maker machines reviews and providers

Ice maker machines info and suppliers? Not all ice machines are alike, even though they appear the same on the surface. There are several different types of commercial ice makers that come standard with various functional features and installation requirements. When shopping for a new industrial ice maker, be sure to take the time and determine which type will best suit your ice production and storage needs: The most common type overall, this type of ice machine contains both an ice generator and a storage container in the same unit. Though they provide more storage & ice-making capacity then other household models and this type can save space by combining both functions into a single unit.

This is our top commercial ice maker and for good reason. It fits easily underneath a bar counter to keep it off to the side and its stainless steel appearance fits into just about any environment. It also produces ice very quickly, which ensures your guests won’t have to worry about running out of ice. This is a great addition to any bar, and its high level of durability ensures that it can withstand even the most demanding conditions.

This compact Follett 7CI100A-NW-NF-ST-00 7 series countertop ice maker is capable of producing up to 125 lb. of Chewblet ice per day! It has a 7 lb. storage capacity, and is designed to serve up to 25 people, making it a great fit for low-volume ice needs. This compact machine is designed to fit on counters and under standard cabinets, and has a small footprint to conserve valuable space. This ice machine dispenses ice directly into cups, removing the risk of cross-contamination from scoops, and the Agion antimicrobial treatment protects the unit’s key parts from contamination. The touch display also eliminates contact with ice, providing added sanitation and safety during use. The energy-saving sleep mode works with the integrated quiet production setting to eliminate loud harvest cycles. It uses environmentally-friendly R-134a refrigerant, and can be placed anywhere a water line can be run. Discover even more info at ice maker.

Self-contained machines include both the icemaker and the container for storing it in one unit. They’re bigger and produce more ice than your typical consumer models, but smaller than modular ice machines. They come in both undercounter and countertop configurations and are easier to fit into tight spaces than modular ice machines. The tradeoff, as you would expect, is that they don’t make as much ice as modular machines, and don’t provide as much storage space. For smaller bars or cafes, they may well suffice, all while allowing more space for other needs in the kitchen. For larger cafeterias or restaurants, you’ll likely need to go with a modular ice machine.

The Vremi ice maker comes equipped with almost all the same specs and features as the Frifidairebut but costs about $15 more, including a 1.5 pounds storage bin, 2.2 L water tank and BPA-free plastic ice scoop for easy, hassle-free ice retrieval. Besides an automatic shut-off function, an underside drain plug which makes it quickly to drain unused water is also a nice feature to have. For further conveniences, there is a straightforward control panel located on the front that allows users to easily check the ice-making progress. On the dashboard, there are indicator lights which light up to notify you when the machine needs more water or when the ice bucket is full. Find additional info on here.