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Reliable pressure washer surface cleaner manufacturer by With professional technology, high-quality products that truly provide products for ordinary users Make garden tasks no longer tasks, but enjoy the process of pleasure all the time, make them no longer tedious, boring, stimulating and strenuous things, make them simple and fast, and will not affect your body. At EVEAGE, we are committed to using the latest technology to bring the best garden tools to our customers. Through our state-of-the-art hardware, professional tools, we promise to provide easy and efficient tools to keep you happy and simple in handling your garden. Discover additional information at

2 Jets for Fast Cleaning: Our flat surface cleaner is equipped with double high-speed rotating jets, which form water-intensive pressure at 25-degree to provide a faster and complete cleaning effect. There is a thick circle of stiff bristles at the bottom, keeping high-pressure water from splashing to avoid staining your clothes. Durable & Adjustable: Adopted from robust stainless steel material, our surface washer features a water-proof and non-deformed design, ensuring a convenient use for years to come. Its handle height and angle are adjustable, allowing it to meet needs at different heights. It provides smooth movement with its 4 universal castors.

For most of the time, if you are using a powerful pressure washer with high pressure waterFlow, you will need to either use a long handle wand or gun for safety reason so that you can stay away from dangerous situation as far as possible. Some professional users will even prefer to use shorter washers on their machine. If you don’t have any spray gun, it’s not really convenient for you to adjust the water spray angle and flow rate from your pressure washer directly.

Your pressure washer gun kit comes complete with an ergonomically engineered wand handle, a long 36-inch M22 steel lance and a durable M22 brass coupler. The wand handle is ergonomically engineered to make your job easier. It’s 36 inches long and made of M22 steel, which makes it strong enough for any application you have in mind. The wand handle has a durable M22 brass coupler that allows you to connect any pressure washer gun with an ¼ inch quick connect inlet or outlet.

Eveage Heavy Duty Surface Cleaner: This product has a rated capacity of 12 gallons per minute and can be used with any type of pressure washer from electric models to high-powered gas ones. It comes with both a wand and an adjustable spray tip to allow for maximum versatility when cleaning a variety of surfaces or different types of grime on different areas around your home or business property.* Chore Boy 20 Piece Natural Fiber Scrubber Sponge: These sponges are ideal for general purpose cleaning as they are able to remove tough stains while being gentle enough not to damage most surfaces.* Husky Quick Clean Wand: This surface cleaner works well with all types of pressure washers regardless of their size or strength level so long as they have at least 2500 PSI. Discover more information at